MANA has differing max_precision

When I get the currency detail from the api call to /currencies/MANA, the api replies with
{‘id’: ‘MANA’, ‘name’: ‘Decentraland’, ‘min_size’: ‘1’, ‘status’: ‘online’, ‘message’: ‘’, ‘max_precision’: ‘0.00000001’, ‘convertible_to’: , ‘details’: {‘type’: ‘crypto’, ‘symbol’:
None, ‘network_confirmations’: 14, ‘sort_order’: 110, ‘crypto_address_link’: ‘$1.10 | Decentraland (MANA) Token Tracker | Etherscan}’, ‘crypto_transactio
n_link’: ‘Etherscan Error Page}’, ‘push_payment_methods’: [‘crypto’], ‘group_types’: , ‘display_name’: None, ‘processing_time_seconds’: None, ‘min_withdrawal_amount’: 0.01, ‘max_withdrawal_amount’: 700000}}

but when you try to place an order with size 10.2222, the Coinbase order responds with too much precision, max precision is 0.01

Hi @kls, thank you so much for taking an interest in trying out Coinbase APIs. For the details regarding your inquiry, we will check on this for you with our team to see how we can best assist. We’ll get back to you once we have more information. Keep in touch!

Hello @kls, after confirming this inquiry with our team, you may need to use the Products endpoint to get precision for orders. Assuming that it is MANA-USD, use the endpoint:

The response will look like this:

id: "MANA-USD",
base_currency: "MANA",
quote_currency: "USD",
base_min_size: "0.32",
base_max_size: "1100000",
quote_increment: "0.001",
base_increment: "0.01",
display_name: "MANA/USD",
min_market_funds: "1",
max_market_funds: "2900000",
margin_enabled: false,
fx_stablecoin: false,
max_slippage_percentage: "0.03000000",
post_only: false,
limit_only: false,
cancel_only: false,
trading_disabled: false,
status: "online",
status_message: "",
auction_mode: false

Please take note that base_increment: "0.01" so you need to place an order with 2 decimals, for your case 10.22 or 10.23.