List Transactions response, where is price paid?

I have a use case that requires the price paid for the currency. Currently it is not part of the response but seems like it should be.

Am I missing something? For example in a BTC buy transaction, based on the response how do I get the price paid for the BTC?


We are also looking for this, and fee paid.

For price, you should able to calculate by dividing native_amount by amount.
For fee, if you add new_version_opt_in=true parameter in the request, you should be able to see the fee in the buy/sell sub-field.

Thank you for the reply. That isn’t going to be exact because the fee is not accounted for… but with the new version opt in I can pull the fee subtract that from the native amount first which should satisfy my use case. I’ll give that a try.

It would be great to have it readily available if possible to add in the future.