Get the fee paid from a completed transaction

Hi, I’ve looked around to check if there was a way to get fees paid for a specific transaction, for example I’m buying 50EUR of BTC and I’m paying a fee 0.3EUR for that order. How would I get this using the API ?

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You want to find fee that you paid for order that has been already filled or you want to know how much you will pay in fees if you place order?

Either one is OK. But I have a preference for the fee paid after order because its set in stone whereas determining the fee before the transaction might not be 100% accurate.

Use Get Order endpoint? There is total_fees field.

Otherwise find your fee rate using Get Transactions Summary endpoint. Then using that info you can calculate how much you will pay in fees if you are placing order specifying funds.

So for example if you buy (market order) BTC with 50 EUR:
50 EUR - 50 EUR * (1 + 0.008 taker fee for level 1) = 0.3968253968 EUR in fees.

0.8% is biggest fee in Advanced Trade. Depending on order type and trading volume it might be lower.


Thanks for the quick very complete answer! I’ll check that out.