List Accounts only returns pre-authorized accounts

Hey guys,

We currently use the List Account endpoint to get all accounts from our users. During the OAuth connect step, the user needs to grant access to the accounts, which works fine.

However, if the user buys or receives another currency AFTER connecting with OAuth the initial time (ex: SOL), we don’t have access to the SOL account, and the List Account endpoint (/v2/accounts) will not return the account id, thus we cannot query any SOL transactions from this user using the /v2/accounts/:account_id/transactions endpoint.

The only solution now seems to be the user needs to re-authenticate the OAuth API to be able to allow access to the SOL account in this example.

Can anyone suggest how to get around this so that we can query all currency accounts without requesting the user to re-authenticate the API after every transaction with a new currency?

(btw, this limitation/issue seems to be introduced not long ago as we never had any problems with this during the last 3-4 years before very recently)

Anyone from Coinbase that could clarify this?