Don't receive account id in GET all accounts

Hi, everyone! I’m trying to integrate Coinbase with my app and have an issue that in the response I can see only the id for BTC (bitcoin) account. All other just don’t include the actual id, so I can’t use all other wallets.

The endpoint that I use: GET
Result that I have:

Related Coibase documentation URL: Accounts

Hello @natahiko!

Thank you for taking an interest in trying out the Coinbase APIs. With regards to your concern, the reason why you are seeing no actual ID for the other wallets is because you haven’t generated a Crypto wallet address for those specific assets. Now you can create a crypto wallet address through the Coinbase website navigating through Settings > Crypto Addresses > Create New address or through the API using the Create Address endpoint.

Hope this helps!


Hello @Anonymouse!
Thank you for your advice, but unfortunately, it doesn’t work since I need to have accound_id to create a new address via API.

I also noticed that endpoint GET will show me the id only to the account I selected as the default account during authorization:

Do you know how I can authorize my web application with coinbase without selecting a default account?
Here is flow which I use for the authorization process: Integration

Hi @natahiko!

You can authorize your web application with Coinbase without selecting a default account by adding the scope account=all, this will allow the application to get access to all the user’s wallets. For example:[…]BACK_URL&account=all&scope=wallet:accounts:read,wallet:transactions:read. You may go through this documentation to learn more about Oauth2 Permissions/Scopes

With regards to your other concern, we would like to confirm if you were using an OAuth2 application when you called the v2/accounts request? If yes, then the screenshot you provided above is the expected response if the selected wallet permission on your OAuth2 is only BTC. Once you try the steps mentioned above to set the permission to all wallets, then you should also be able to see the id of the other accounts after running the /v2/accounts.

We hope this helps!