Account Access in Oauth change

The new change to the Oauth authorization page, where there is a drop down for “All Accounts” and then a list of cryptos, the “All Accounts” only seems to mean, “All Accounts that exist at the time of clicking authorize”.

I’ve had a few users recently try to authorize, and the drop down will only show something like (All Accounts, BTC, USD).
Surprisingly, my application can still send a buy order for other coins, like GRT. However, since GRT wasn’t in that drop down list at the time of authorizing, my application can’t see the owned quantity.

Is there a way to make “All Accounts” mean “All existing and newly-created accounts”?

Hi @stevenb2! What endpoint is your application using to send a buy order?

Hi philsmom,
I send buy/sell orders using the advanced-trade API.
I check the quantities owned using the Sign-in-with-coinbase API.

Using the “List Accounts” endpoint in the advanced-trade API will show all the owned symbols, regardless of whether or not I’m allowed to see it in the Sign-In-With-Coinbase API.

I just switched my software over to using the advanced-trade API for getting the quantities owned, so I’m all good.

I don’t understand why the Sign-in-with-coinbase API stopped showing “All Symbols”, but I’m good as long as the other works.

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