Is the commission in the Advanced API always in quote?

Could not find the answer in the documentation

Hi @MementoMori

Thank you for using the our developer forum. I understand that you want to know some fee information, please let me know particularly what information you are searching for.

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@Sandy Hi, Yes, typically the asset in which the commission is taken would be specified, I am assuming that it is in the quote currency, is this the case?
For example, in the GetOrder:

total_fees string required
The total fees for the order


commission string
Fee amount for fill.

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HI @MementoMori thank your prompt response, we are working on it we will get back to you with the resolution or required information. As of now there is no ETA available.

Thanks your understanding in advance, have a nice day.

Hi @MementoMori, Thank you for your time and patience. Yes, you are absolutely right the asset in which the commission is taken will be specified and is in the quote currency.

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@Sandy Thank you for the confirmation. Have a good day