How to Avoid Purchasing an Amount Greater than Base Increment?

Hello! I am trying to figure out the proper way to avoid purchasing a quantity of an asset that extends passed its base increment limit. For instance, I placed a market order for DASH/USD recently and received ‘0.4766175938172273’. However, DASH/USD has a base increment of only ‘0.001’. So, now I am unable to liquidate the entire position and am going to be left with an annoyingly small amount of DASH. Is there a way to prevent this from happening?

Hi @autsauce ! Welcome to the forum! With regard to your concern, we have itemized some questions for us to fully understand your concern:

  • Can you elaborate more on what you want to happen with the statement “avoid purchasing a quantity of an asset that extends passed its base increment limit”?
  • What do you infer from the value you receive (0.4766175938172273) and the base increment (0.001)? Please expound their correlation based on your example and provide what value you want to receive.

Once you have sent the requested information above, we will work quickly to address your concern. Looking forward to hearing from you, Thank you.

If the base increment is 0.001, why would I ever want to own an amount of an asset that is not in that increment? If I own an amount of an asset that is not divisible by that increment, I am not going to be able to sell it. However, if you place a market order for an asset, you can receive amounts of an asset that are not divisible by its base increment and I am trying to figure out how to avoid that.

Hi @autsauce! Thank you for providing us with a better context about your concern. We will work with the team to see what we can help with regarding this inquiry. Will follow up on this thread once we know more. Keep in touch!

Hi @autsauce, thank you so much for your patience. With regards to your concern, it is true that buys or sell orders don’t always fill at the base increment. The small balance/amount that’s leftover after any transaction is known as dust. There’s always a possibility of some dust amount to remain & apparently there is no way of preventing this.

We hope we were able to clarify your concern.

This is not true, is it? Making market buy specifying base would avoid mentioned problem, no? Sadly currently it is not possible - When can we expect equivalent APIs?.

Hi @muktupavels! We also believe that specifying the base currency when placing a buy order should prevent purchasing an amount greater than the base increment. The team is already hard at work to implement this feature but we can’t offer any specific timeline on when this should be made available.

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