How Get Out Of A Trade Without Canceling Order

  1. I place a Sell with Bitcoin, hoping it will go down.
  2. My limit is 25100. So if it goes up to this point the trade is over and I lose money.
  3. Bitcoin is going down and I am making money.
  4. I now want to get out of the trade and collect profit. Just like in FOREX
  5. However, when I open the order, the only option I have is to Cancel the order.
    If I cancel the order, I lose everything.

How do I get out of the trade without canceling it?

People have told me that the reason the only option there is to “Cancel Order” is because it hasn’t been filled. Once the order is filled I will then be able to close the trade whenever I want to.

However, it’s been 30 minutes and it still hasn’t been filled. And it was a Market Order. How long does it take to fill an order?

Hey @David92506, Sincere apologies for delayed response.

For better assistance to your query, we suggest you to file a support ticket via this link.

Thank you!