Limit Sell Order - Insufficient funds

My bot gets setup to execute a limit sell order and gets an “Insufficient Funds” error. It tries a few times and then eventually the order is accepted. I added detailed logging and the order quantity is always the same/correct amount when it fails and when it eventually succeeds.

It always eventually accepts the limit sell order so it is not catastrophic but I need to get it to sell the fiat I have when I need to sell it.

These are LIMIT SELL orders

Hey @starman2049! By any chance, do you also submit any Market Orders using this same bot / api-key / profile?

I double-checked my BOT and these are all limit/sell/GTC orders. On the buy side they are all limit/buy/GTC

Roughly 25% of my sell orders are accepted first time, the majority however are rejected with “Insufficient Funds”. None of my buy orders are rejected.

Thank you for responding!

Turned out this was my problem, of course. The first LIMIT/SELL was accepted, but I did not properly handle that in my BOT so it was trying multiple times to place LIMIT/SELL orders and since the first LIMIT/SELL had been accepted there were insufficient funds to accept the subsequent orders. Duh


Great to hear you were able to get to the bottom of this! Appreciate you sharing the additional context, which other might find useful in their own BOTs.

Let us know if you have any more questions!