Exchange Rates Subscription and Throttling

@cleggink → I saw your question on the intro’s thread and wanted to bring it over to this topic so that we can have a cleaner conversation about it.

I’m here trying to start a thread on exchange rates subscriptions, I can’t find anything in the documentation on how to accomplish this without getting throttled by the server using the rest architecture :angry:

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Thanks. I tried for over an hour to get my trust level up to post this, lol. Bit of a hinderance… Maybe throw rates into the title, don’t want to confuse it with the exchange service api. Anyway, I’m working on a bit of data collection here in my free time and I’m stuck on getting the list of exchange rates from coinbases api. I can’t seem to find a channel to subscribe to for this data, and the rest architecture is throttled to slow for my needs. Any suggestions?


Yeah, I will look into the requirements we have on getting trust levels to qualify for the basic tag!

I’m seeing if there is something I’m missing in the docs around subscribing to a channel for exchange rates, we’ll reply asap as we gather more information.

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Thanks again @staff1 appreciate the assist.

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@cleggink I may not be understanding the question but does this stack overflow Q/A work for what you’re trying to do?

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Thanks for the response @genericHCU. That endpoint is the rest architecture GET request I mentioned. The data is great, but doesn’t come in fast enough. I’m looking to sort through a large amount of currencies and the rest API is throttled to high to make the results current enough. Which is why I’m trying to find a subscription-based solution.

@cleggink Are you able to use Websockets? Channels - Please let us know if this helps. Thanks!

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@arood yes I can subscribe just fine with websocket. I was just hoping for a server response more like the one you get from the exchange-rate endpoint. I’m sorting out what I need from the l2 subscription chanel, just taking a lot longer than I would like.

Hi @cleggink we agree that the payload is different than the REST Get response but at this time, you should use Websockets. The team has eyes on this but please let us know if there is more we can help with. Thanks!

@arood thanks, it’s not a big problem, just have to do the reciprocating math on the product prices. I was hoping for a more direct method but I actually just wrapped up my client classes for exhange/pro api. Not to toot my own horn or anything but it looks as streamlined and elegant as anything I’ve written. I’ll be testing some new trading algorithms in a few days if everything goes well. :crossed_fingers:

Toot away! Sounds like you are doing some great work! Thank you for continuing to share.

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