Coinbase One Questions

I was chatting with a help desk agent at Coinbase about Coinbase One and he said since it is a different product it cannot be applied to Coinbase Pro, is anyone aware of future plans to either have a similar service for Coinbase Pro or plans to release a separate API for Coinbase One? I’m working on a trading program that would execute once a week and Coinbase One would help cut fees down a lot. I know this is still in beta so just curious if there are plans for this in the future, thanks!

hey may i know ussing “” how can i get exchange-rates thank you please help me

Hi @adilkhan! As for now, there’s no possible way to get the exchange rates using Coinbase Pro API/Sandbox Pro API. However, you can get exchange rates via Sign in with Coinbase which you can find here.

To explore more of the features/endpoints of Sandbox Pro API, you can refer to this documentation.

How much can be deposited