Webhook test fails

I’m making some tests before pushing crypto payments to my website. I created a route using express (server is https and certificate is signed) but when testing the webhook no calls are sent to my server. The actual code itself within the route doesn’t matter, the issue is simply that nothing is recieved, and the test fails.

server.post('/webhook-coinbase', (req, res) => {
    var sig = req.headers['x-cc-webhook-signature'];
    var webhookSecret = '(mywebhook secret)';
    var calculatedSig = crypto.createHmac('sha256', webhookSecret)
    if (calculatedSig === sig) {
    } else {
        log('verification failed');



Welcome to Developer Forum Community, @Borry !

Can you please replace the header from x-cc-webhook-signature to X-CC-Webhook-Signature . You may also refer to Securing Webhook documentation.

We hope this. Please reply back if you still face any issues.

Thank you and have a good day!

I applied the change, but the error remains, the request isn’t recieved at all from my server. The issue isn’t regarding what’s in the documentation.
I also tried executing the code in the example github repository, testing the webhook with express, yet I face the same issue.

Hey @Borry Thank you for your reply.

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if i remember correctly, when i used commerce the test options also did not work for me but actual charges processed just fine. I would try running an actual legit charge and see what happens.