The advanced trade dashboard charting is wrong

The Coinbase provided advanced trading dashboard charts place trades in the wrong interval.

I built my own dashboard, that scraped all of the historical candles and live updates with the trades websocket (wanted tickers, but for whatever reason, there is no volume provided).

I started to notice that, when a new minute passed, my dashboard placed trades in the current minute bucket (say 12:51), but the Coinbase chart would put the trade in the previous minute bucket (12:50) for about 15-30 seconds after the interval ended. I was so convinced that mine was wrong, and spent over 12 hours trying to figure out if there was some form of additional verification of trades after the fact, and that’s when the stream data is sent out, but still placed in the minute the trade occurred.

Upon refreshing the page, it would match my dashboard exactly. This is rather frustrating, and also somewhat misleading if this is supposed to be a professional tool traders use.

Hi @AdamAvix! Thank you for using Coinbase APIs. We appreciate you sharing this with us. We will look into it and get back to you with an update, please keep in touch.

@AdamAvix Thank you for your patience. Would it be possible for your to share some screenshots or a video of this bug here on the forum?