Get Product Candles returing incorrect data

When I utilize Get Product Candles on FIVE_MINUTE , the most recent 5 or so candles have incorrect data. I’ve back-tested this several times.

After a candle is approximately 25-30 minutes old it’s value does not change and appears correct.

This is unexpected behavior, correct?

Welcome to Coinbase Cloud developer forum, @klovertexarkana! We understand that you are receiving incorrect data when using GET /candles, rest assured that we are here to help but first we need to clarify some information in order for us to provide accurate information:

  • Can you please provide a screenshot that demonstrates this incorrect data?
  • Can you also provide which trading pair you use when utilizing the /candles endpoint?

If you have any additional information/screenshot that can demonstrate your concern, feel free to share it with us. Please ensure to send any images or screenshots as attachments, as we’re unable to see images/screenshots when they are inserted in the body of your email and be reminded to omit any personal info.

Once you send us the information requested above, we’ll work to quickly address your concern. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Looking forward to your response!