Reduce spam topics!

Do something about those spammers! It is annoying to see that majority of new topics are spam…

Hey @muktupavels! Thank you for the feedback. We are actively looking for such posts and trying our best to take action on such posts as much as possible. We will certainly keep an eye out for any posts that violate our forum guidelines. Please contributing. Hope this helps.

Does not this forum software provide some options to automatically block spam based on some words or something like that? Or perhaps making it more difficult to post for new users and/or forcing to prove that user is actual human?

Deleting/hiding spam after it has been posted is not really solution…

We do understand your concern. We would like to mention that there are mechanisms in place to prevent users from violating the forum policies. However the working is a bit complex. But please rest assured that we are taking this as a feedback and will try our best to improve this experience for our users. Thank you.

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