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Share your feedback and learn what we do with it

Submit your ideas for new features and products that we should launch.

Even before we launched the forum, we’ve always listened closely to the feedback that we receive from the community. Here’s what we do with your feedback.

Our team will be reviewing posts to take your input into account as we think about our future roadmap. We cannot make any guarantees that your ideas will be implemented, but we appreciate the thoughtful ideas you put forth. While we are unable to disclose our product roadmap, we will do our best to share updates along the way.

Vote for ideas and features

This space is for our community to bring forth new ideas and to vote for your favorite features. Please take the time to vote for the ideas you’d like to see implemented. Our team will also review the comments to understand the context, but we’ll primarily be using the vote feature to help us prioritize the requests.

What we do with your feedback

We may take select posts and share them with our internal product and engineering teams at Coinbase Cloud. We may compare these against the other feedback we are receiving across our different channels and teams. We look for ideas that will have the most impact on a positive user experience. For more details on how we treat user feedback, please review the Coinbase User Agreement.

Will we implement your idea?

Possibly! So keep them coming. We can’t make any promises that your idea will be implemented or when. Any product or feature we decide to release needs to meet our quality standards and fit within our roadmap — we don’t want to release products with a subpar experience. We know you understand.

Will we update you about your ideas?

Again, we’ll share our planned product updates to the extent that is possible and will do our best to keep the community updated on which requests will be implemented when we’re ready and able to share that news.

All of you are extremely important to us so thank you for taking the time to share your thoughtful input. If you have any questions about this post or our process, please feel free to create a topic about it.

Thank you!