Help with concept

Hi all, I have been building websites since the mid 1990s and love the idea of building something using blockchain / web 3.0 type tech. Early days though, Im still trying to get my head around the theory.

I have an idea for a crypto oriented app and I would like to be able to have users pay an annual fee (or one off) to use it, but ALSO I like the idea that they could invest in the app which would give them ownership where they can buy and sell these “shares” or I guess in the crypto world, tokens.

My question is does this make sense? Can I for example make 1M shares available for say $1 each and let users buy and sell these shares and hopefully if the app proves popular the shares might increase in value over time. I dont want to lose creative control of the app. I guess at the start I own the 1M shares and over time can dilute my holding as investors buy in. Can I do something as simple as this and have the block chain track ownership of allocated shares - OR - do I have to let people mine them?

Id also like to see how much I can integrate with Coinbase - eg live crypto prices which the app will need, and whether I can have my app listed on Coinbase - OR - can I only list if it is more like a traditional crypto currency where people mine etc…

Probably dopey questions to those in the know, but I did Google around and didnt get a clear answer so thought Id ask in here.

Thanks all,


also interested. is this even practical? especially since all the big tech companies have started churning out crypto solutions.