Provide some way to subscribe to API changes

It would be nice if there would be way to subscribe to changes to documentation and API changes.

I would prefer to receive email every time there are changes to documentation and/or API itself instead of regularly checking if something has changed. I think in past in documentation there was date when page was last time updated and even that was useful.

There was/is similar request in Exchange/Pro API category.

Hi @muktupavels

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We understand your request and appreciate your feedback. We are currently working on a feature that will allow users to subscribe to changes in documentation and API changes. We will update you when this feature is available. In the meantime, you can check the Changelog page for updates.

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This caught us out recently, with the websocket market data requiring authentication.

please please please provide a way to subscribe to change notifications via email or rss.

Any news? When this feature will be available?

Can you provide update?

Checking Changelog is not solution as it is not updated when changes are made. For example changelog did not mention that Pro API migration is already is postponed to 2024… You don’t expect that everyone will re-read all documentation trying to spot changes, do you?

I am still waiting for way to get notification that changes/updates has been pushed to API documentation and API itself.

For example I have noticed that Migrating from Pro has been updated without any mention in changelog. Is that hard to add such fact to changelog page?