Coinbase pro/exchange Public apis / deprecation

Regarding the notice of exchange/pro APIs being deprecated in 2023, can you add clarity whether this includes public non-authenticated REST and websocket endpoints? I see feedback in some forum responses that everything is being deprecated, and in other responses that public unauthenticated endpoints would not be deprecated.
Specifically I want to confirm the following:
For will the Level 2 Channel or Full Channel be deprecated?

For the REST endpoint will the All Known Trading Pairs and Get Product Trades be deprecated?
Get all known trading pairs | Coinbase Cloud
Get product trades | Coinbase Cloud

Hi @mrcrypto! Welcome to the forum!

We hope you are having such a great day. Regarding your concern if unauthenticated API endpoints and websocket channels will be deprecated as well in 2023, that would be a yes for Coinbase Pro. Coinbase Pro (including Pro APIs) will be fully sunsetted in early 2023, after all customers have been migrated.

However for the Coinbase Exchange, please note that the public unauthenticated Exchange API and Websocket Channel as known as Market Data will continue to be available. This will include the channels and API endpoints you mentioned.

We hope this clarifies. Please visit the FAQ section to know more. Thank you so much!

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