Please Help, unable to withdraw monies from coinbase to my linked bank (how to add addresses to wallet)

I initiated a withdrawal from Bovada wagering site for $1500 it was sent to my bitcoin address and or wallet at Coinbase (this was yesterday late afternoon) and my wallet shows the transaction and an amount of $1473.58 (this changes) but my Coinbase balance is zero. I am trying to find a way to transfer in american dollars the $1473.58 to my linked bank account and have watched videos etc but am unable to do so, please help, I called this number 800 619-3197 and it was a scam number where they wanted to download an app to remotely control my phone, they would not provide Coinbase employee ID and hung up on me when I resisted, again I am unable to speak to a human support rep and the chat bot is useless, please help
I also need help as my wallet has no addresses

Hey @chrisland, Welcome to the Forum Community.

For better assistance to your query, we suggest you to file a support ticket via this link. Thank you!