AI Smart Arbitrage Trading Bot fails to cash out profits earned and invested crypto

Please help me trouble shoot and fix my Coinbase Wallet Arbitrage AI smart trading bot. I tried cashing out $1920.00 after a 30 day pledge of $1377.00. Initially I received my money back along with an error message saying that my cashout failed. there is another cash order waiting to be approved. Then after trying over and over again it took the $1920.00 off from my balance and it’s been gone ever since the 4rth of this month. It is like my money disappeared and the system seems to be frozen because nothing is correct or working. I asked for help on the online help page many times pleading for help but I so far have gotten zero response and help. If someone out there could help me fix this thing Ill even pay ya for your time because Im at a dead-end after searching for answers for days with no luck. I think I need to somehow reset the system if that is possible. I just need instructions on how to to that. Please Please help me if anybody knows whats wrong or what i did wrong to cause this so it wont happen again. Thank you for your time and have a nice day.

Hello @arnie! Thank you for patiently waiting as we looked into this.

We understand your concern but unfortunately, we cannot provide assistance as this is a third party integration and it’s not within our grid to support. We recommend reaching out directly to the relevant support team from the respective provider who supports integration of this AI trading to help resolve your issue.

Thank you and we hope for your understanding.