Placing limit order with 'Sign in with Coinbase' flow

Hello team,

I am developing an application that is granted permission by users to access their accounts using OAuth2 documented here

I was wondering whether I could place limit orders for the application users using the OAuth accesss token? I could not find the corresponding endpoint in any of Coinbase Wallet endpoints here Buys


Hi @lealow! Welcome to the forum!

Unfortunately, limit orders aren’t available for Sign in With Coinbase. You would need to use Coinbase Pro in order to place limit orders. However, Coinbase Pro does not have OAuth integration but you can use API key authentication to ask permission to access user’s account.

We hope this helps. Thank you!


Thanks @bazinga for your guidance. It is helpful. I saw that now introduced Advanced Trading. Do you know whether there is any plan to release that feature to the public wallet API anytime soon? Thanks

Hello @lealow. Apologies for the delay in our response.

With regard to Advanced Trading API, this has the same volume-based fee structure as Coinbase Pro. We expect it to launch over the next few months- later this fall. Unfortunately, we cannot provide an ETA for the launch date of the API at this time, but we will post an announcement in this Coinbase Cloud developer forum: Announcements - Coinbase Cloud Forum

Thank you for your patience and understanding!


Hello @ereeca15,

Thank you for your response. The reason we’re looking for Advanced Trading API is that it supports OAuth integration while Coinbase Pro does not.

We look forward to the announcement. Thanks!