Pairs with no volume return 0-valued fields as an empty string rather than "0": /products

This is an annoyance while decoding. Decimal/Integer fields with zero values should either be omitted or returned as “0”, preferably the latter.

{"product_id":"BICO-EUR", "price":"0.2", "price_percentage_change_24h":"", "volume_24h":"", "volume_percentage_change_24h":"", "base_increment":"0.01", "quote_increment":"0.0001", "quote_min_size":"1", "quote_max_size":"10000000", "base_min_size":"3.7", "base_max_size":"57000", "base_name":"BICONOMY (BICO)", "quote_name":"Euro", "watched":false, "is_disabled":false, "new":false, "status":"online", "cancel_only":false, "limit_only":false, "post_only":false, "trading_disabled":false, "auction_mode":false, "product_type":"SPOT", "quote_currency_id":"EUR", "base_currency_id":"BICO", "fcm_trading_session_details":null, "mid_market_price":"", "alias":"", "alias_to":[], "base_display_symbol":"BICO", "quote_display_symbol":"EUR", "view_only":false, "price_increment":"0.0001"}

Hi @TrevorJudice! Thank you for sharing this with us. Please allow us some time while we are looking into it. We will share an update with you as soon as possible. Keep in touch!

Thanks. This occurs in a significant but not exhaustive portion of numeric fields across the api with zero values.