Can anyone confirm this bug with ALGO-USD api ticker?

Occasionally and somewhat frequently will provide an old trade from JAN 20th. The only value that looks correct is the volume.




I submitted a support ticket 09806234


:wave: We’re looking into this potential bug with the ticker bringing up old trade data. Thank you for flagging this and we will reply with additional information.


@genericHCU - Thank you again for raising this issue and submitting a ticket. These are the types of contributions we love to see in the early phases of this forum. At this time, we are working on improving all of these docs and our team now has this on their radar. We will update here once the document is updated.

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I’m glad to help and thank you for the reply! I’ve submitted a few bugs but it’s good to know I’m not talking to myself.

fwiw I have not experienced the algo-usd bug for a while now, about Friday, noon eastern.

Excellent news! We really appreciate the engagement and activity @genericHCU - we are just getting these forums off the ground and you are definitely not talking to yourself. Please keep the ideas, questions, and comments coming!

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Hey I’m experiencing the same issues but I notice it on all the products, not just algo-usd. It happens on MIR-USD as well, as an example. I’m not sure why it’s returning stale data but if you try to call the api through the browser (, you will see stale data after you hit refresh a few times. This happens on all tickers. As this is already a month old, can you please look into this.

Thanks @sippincoffee - checking on this data for you. Stay tuned…

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Seems to have been fixed. Thanks!

@sippincoffee - awesome. the team looked into this right away but hadn’t given me the update. Now we have it. Thanks!

@sippincoffee - really happy to have you in the community. Please keep the posts/questions/ideas coming!!