Needed the details on API Errors for Coinbase advanced trade API Errors

Hello, I was working on integrating the Coinbase Advanced Trade API with our platform but on some of the APIs especially with the API for creating an Order, I seem to get the errors way too often and a lot of them, I didn’t find anything regarding it on the internet. It’s a bit hard to debug it so I was wondering if there was a documentation for the API errors on coinbase advanced trade api since I don’t seem to find it on the official docs for coinbase.

I am getting errors such as ‘UNKNOWN_FAILURE_REASON’ which doesn’t give any idea regarding what is going wrong.

I am using this api here

If anyone has any idea regarding it, please share. I will really appreciate it. Thanks!

Are you using the same clientorderid on subsequent requests? I’ve read some previous comments where people were having this issue. You need to assign a unique ID for each subsequent order you’re making.

Else, posting your request which you send might help see where the issue lies.

Hi @Okrah , I am having the unique order id for each of the orders. I just needed the API Errors for mapping them so it could help in the development and help me show better error messages to the user using the platform. Currently I am implementing it through on going basis i.e. mapping the error as it occurs.

Also regarding the original issue regarding UNKNOWN_FAILURE_REASON, I some how managed to bypass it.