Help identifying the "missing scope"

Can someone help identify why coinbase returns a 403 with {“error”:“unknown”,“error_details”:“missing required scopes”,“message”:“missing required scopes”} for this request:

Requesting POST with params None and data {‘client_order_id’: ‘CBAT-SEHUD6067306c76680de8626114’, ‘product_id’: ‘ETH-USD’, ‘side’: ‘SELL’, ‘order_configuration’: {‘limit_limit_gtc’: {‘base_size’: ‘0.00609756’, ‘limit_price’: ‘1669.52’, ‘post_only’: False}}}

Thank you

Hey @MementoMori
For better assistance to your query, we suggest you to please file a support ticket via this link.

Thank you!

@Anushree Thank you for the reply. I did try to file a ticket. In any case the issue was not with the API, but with the API key I was using (if I remember correctly)
Thank you

This error message seems related to the ‘scopes’ checked when creating the API key

I suspect there is a bug here. It seems the scope “wallet:transactions:read” grants access to listing orders despite the documentation saying that it is “wallet:orders:read”

I’ll see if I can submit a bug ticket.

Hey @adam, We have informed the team on this. We appreciate your patience here. Thank you!