I have USDT on Coinbase Wallet and I can't do anything with that


I need help.
I have USDT on my Coinbase wallet and I can’t move the money to anywhere.
I try to transfer to Coinbase, to Binance, to metamask and teher no way to move the USDT from Coinbase wallet.
I already lost 2.000€ trying to move the USDT from Coinbase wallet.
All the transfer that I do, they said that are success but in the destiny there’s no money :frowning:
Can you help me?

Were you successful with ur transfers tanks

Hi @smeleuterio, For better assistance to your query, we suggest you to file a support ticket to Coinbase here.

Thank you!

No because your companyis delete my account I in my contry I can verify my account all my cryptocurrency is lost .

Bonjour jai le meme souci avec des usdt impossible de transaction,as tu trouvé la solution ?