Suggestion for the Wallet Extension

i just have a small suggestion for the GUI of the Coinbase Wallet Browser Extension :

The Case i have seen the problem : transfer of USDT from Wallet to a receiver Wallet

If a adress is typed in - under the field the contract was shown and is clickable; in hurry i thought that is the Receiver found by the system and clickt on in. The money went to USDT contract instead of the receiver adres typed in.

Suggestion : please show something that the Adress has changed or dont make it clickable or something else

If a User types in a receiver-adress , he normaly does not want to send the money to the contract ID - i think everybody wants his money send to the adress he typed in.

I dont know how common this error is but it could be avoided by a small text or a textfield with the contract id - which you have to copy if you wish to use it and not clickable.

best wishes