What's going on with this forum?

There seems to be dozens of unanswered questions, minimal support & no API upgrades or changes. Is this an abandoned product? Support staff have asked me ‘what’s a hardware wallet’ and its been 3 days with no answer on my questions of if USDT is even supported despite contradictory docs saying it is.

I’m trying to decide on using Coinbase Commerce for our business but this forum is singlehandedly holding back my decision. Not exactly inspiring confidence. So what’s the deal?

If there ever were a set of APIs or place for Coinbase to put resources in a bear market - wouldn’t it be payments?

Hello @Skoot! Thank you for bringing this to our attention and we deeply apologize for the inconvenience that this has caused you. Rest assured that our internal team is still hard at work to look further investigation with the concerns that have been logged in this Coinbase Developer Forum. While we can’t offer an ETA for these questions/queries, we will respond to the remaining questions/queries accordingly once we have an update with the Team.

Moreover, if you have an urgent matter that you think needs immediate action, we can recommend you to log a ticket in the Coinbase Support help site. Please include the links where you logged your concerns in this Coinbase Developer Forum so that we will know that it’s you. We appreciate your patience and understanding. Have a nice day!

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