Going from USDC to USD and vice versa

How you can go from USDC to USD when using SIWC? Since buy/sells were deprecated, we have to use create order Advanced Tradign API endpoint (I enable wallet:sell:create and wallet:buy:create scope to use it). But, I could not find “USDC-USD” or “USD-USDC” product_id, so I’m not sure how to get from USDC to USD or vice versa.

Hi, use the Convert API from Advanced Trade: Coinbase Cloud

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Out of curiosity why did you use this endpoint? I’m trying to convert USDC to USD to off-ramp programmatically, but I’m using the /accounts/:accountId/withdraw endpoint, which seems to provide the same functionality? I haven’t gotten this /withdraw endpoint to work though …

@otang I assume you need to convert USDC to USD before you can offramp. Therefore, we need to use this endpoint.

@bjeavons-cb When using SIWC, you can’t use the Convert API from Advanced Trade. However, you can use the other Advanced Trade APIs. So, it’s a little annoying why they didn’t enable it for SIWC. I assume maybe it’s because Convert API is pretty new.