Getting minimum order size


How do I get a minimum order size for a specific product, .e.g BTC-EUR ?

I reckon in the PRO API, it was "min_market_funds" on the{product_id} endpoint.

It’s almost the same on the new API, but I think a little more detailed? I never used that endpoint and I can’t remember. Anyway, the new endpoint is:{product_id}

And the response looks like this:

  product_id: 'BTC-USD',
  price: '17126.38',
  price_percentage_change_24h: '1.30074462616974',
  volume_24h: '40434.11727243',
  volume_percentage_change_24h: '58.60197718740584',
  base_increment: '0.00000001',
  quote_increment: '0.01',
  quote_min_size: '1', //<---------------------- MINIMUM SIZE IN USD
  quote_max_size: '50000000',
  base_min_size: '0.000016', //<-------------- MINIMUM SIZE IN BTC
  base_max_size: '2600',
  base_name: 'Bitcoin',
  quote_name: 'US Dollar',
  watched: false,
  is_disabled: false,
  new: false,
  status: 'online',
  cancel_only: false,
  limit_only: false,
  post_only: false,
  trading_disabled: false,
  auction_mode: false,
  product_type: 'SPOT',
  quote_currency_id: 'USD', //<---------------
  base_currency_id: 'BTC', //<-----------------
  fcm_trading_session_details: null,
  mid_market_price: ''

So you have 4 fields total that you are looking for, and you have to match the minimums with the base/quote currencies.

Limits were removed - Get all known trading pairs… I expect same for Advanced Trade.