AVAX-USD product info typo?

It’s me again… I’m getting this API response when trying to set a market order. The other currencies I’m testing at the moment all return sizes with only one 1 in them. So I’m assuming this is a typo.

{“message”:“size is too small. Minimum size is 0.01100000”}

Taking a look to make sure it’s a typo- thanks @cleggink

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I am not saying that it is not a typo, but there are around 434 different crypto pairs on Coinbase and the price ranges from fractions of pennies to thousands of dollars. The minimum value has a correlation to the dollar value. An example is you can not buy $1 of Bitcoin nor can you buy only 1 Shiba Inu coin. This won’t be the last time you run into this issue.

It’s not a big issue. There is just a little dust left on that account that didn’t sell and I keep seeing that response so it’s a little annoying :expressionless: but nothing more than that.

Thanks @cleggink - This is where the info is for min and max https://api.exchange.coinbase.com/products please let me know if this is useful.

The above URL provides all columns and data for the Avalanche United States Dollar trading pair. I can safely say that the minimum size @cleggink asked about is NOT a typo.

The “Minimum size” multiplied by the current market value should result in a purchase amount at or near $1.

Thanks @Ruskel5070, turns out I was just having a precision error that somehow only showed up on that one currency out of the 12 I was testing at the time.

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Hi @blah - welcome aboard! Happy to get a new topic thread started for you. You can also jump into the General Channel as well. Either way, let me know what you’re hoping to learn and I will be happy to get a new thread going. Thanks!

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Thank you much. I didn’t see this covered in the topics, so…

No Text For API Keys from Sandbox

There seems to be an issue with 2factor auth for the sandbox accounts. I use text for Pro, and it works fine. However, when I attempt to generate API keys for the Sandbox account, no text message is sent, and the window that pops up to receive the auth code contains a broken link and some text suggesting that “authenticator” must be used.

Thank you again.

Looking all around for follow up on this, finding none. Am I missing something?

Make sure all applications your using are up to date. Computer and phone. Log out. Then Try again.

Thank you for the suggestion. Have tried all that. I found a way to email tech support with this problem, and have received responses that I suspect are automatically generated: Reboot, log-out, log-in, try new browser, try phone app (to my knowledge there is no sandbox phone app).

Unfortunately, not being able to test in a sandbox environment is a problem and could radically increase the sheer cost of my project – having to test with actual money.

Separately, I understood that the gentleman was going to start a thread for this problem, but can’t find one. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m not looking in the right place.

Again, I appreciate the suggestions.

I have come to do my testing mathematically on the live server. Just don’t do the actual trade and store the values in memory for testing purposes.

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@blah - thanks for your patience here and for brining this up. We have reproduced the issue you see and have opened a ticket to have it resolved. Thank you for helping us identify the issue! I will be sure to follow up upon resolution.

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Glad to be of some small assistance, though I understand Sandbox is probably not top dev priority. Is there a command line interface for getting Sandbox API keys?

Of necessity am forced to do something like this. It’s better than nothing, to be sure, but not ideal. Time consuming.

OTOH, being forced to slow down and scrutinize every message can’t hurt.

Leads to a better understanding of the api, or at least the endpoints you are working with. At least it did for me.

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