Market sell order minimum size

Market sell order have minimum size although there was announcement that minimum order sizes will be removed -

From blog post:

We will maintain the quote min order size limit as the check on notional. The check will apply to all orders where funds in the quote currency are specified (e.g. limit orders and market buys).

Market sell is specified in base currency. Trying to sell 1 SHIB I am getting following error:


I can sell 1 SHIB from Coinbase Pro web interface and/or from API.

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Hello @muktupavels! We’ve received your concern and we’re already looking into it. We are now working with the teams to ensure this is addressed accurately for you. We will get back to you once we have more information. Keep in touch!


Hello @muktupavels! Apologies for the late response. We appreciate you in exhausting our helpful sites and documentation regarding your concern. It was indeed mentioned here that the base min order size (API field name: base_min_size) together with base_max_size, max_market_funds from our market parameters was deprecated last June 30, 2022 but this is only for Coinbase Exchange/Pro only. The Advance Trade API still holds the “base_min_size” and if the value is too small, then the call will get rejected followed by the "PREVIEW_INVALID_BASE_SIZE_TOO_SMALL" error. It is still active for now but eventually, the base_min_size will be soon also deprecated under this product.

Appreciate your patience and understanding! Thank you!

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Is there any news? How soon is soon?

@Loop_11 , @rishabh When this change will be made for Advanced Trade?

Hi @muktupavels! Allow us sometime to reach out to you with an update.

Hey @muktupavels! Our teams are working on this and they mentioned that they may be able to provide an update on this after next week. Thank you for your patience.


@Loop_11 Is there any news?

Can someone provide update?

When this change will be implemented?

Does Coinbase still update min / max sizes? For example I can buy SOL-EUR for 2 EUR (≈ 0.029). Can I sell it? No - minimum is 0.08! At the same time I can buy VARA for 1 USD and then sell 1 VARA (~0.10 USD)…

Also I have noticed that WebSocket status channel seems to return only min_market_funds ! There are no min/max sizes like in REST response.

For now the team is considering it but we are unable to confirm at the moment. We will definitely provide an update if this is finalised.
Thank you!

Considering? Interesting…

I guess this meant nothing… But ok, got message. If I will still be around I will ask again around next year Christmas time.

Is there any news or documentation for this?

Is there any workaround that have not been previously mentionned in the forum known by the dev team?
It deeply affects any calculation on return since it’s not possible to use it …

Thanks in advance for that