Getting "account is not available" error when attempting to place an order

I have been getting this error seemingly at random from the advanced trade API:

(‘Error in API response’, ‘{“error”:“INVALID_ARGUMENT”,“error_details”:“account is not available”,“message”:“account is not available”}’)

After getting this error, I have found that I cannot trade the funds used in the error on advanced trade or via the advanced trade API. It almost seems like the API calls with a legacy key are somehow moving funds to a separate portfolio that I cannot access. Has anybody seen this issue?


I have been experiencing this at random, it will freeze up my ability to trade a certain asset, but my friend can still trade that same asset and vice versa, only noticed this happening for almost a week, but its possible its been happening to other users sooner and/or later than myself and the people I know.

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yes, it happened to me also. I posted about this issue 2 days ago but no replies from coinbase yet.

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You’re the first thread I can find describing this problem, I’ve being seeing it on a BUY transaction for ASX for the last few days for no obvious reasons. Any updates on this would be most appreciated. I can certainly confirm all api info and packet data correctly in place. A List accounts call does not return ASX but there are other coins it does not return - this is normally adjusted once the BUY order has completed on a newly utilised coin.

Having the same issue here while I am simply following the tutorial here:

client = RESTClient(key_file=<path_to_credentials>, verbose=True)
product = client.get_product("BTC-USD")
btc_usd_price = float(product["price"])
adjusted_btc_usd_price = str(math.floor(btc_usd_price - (btc_usd_price * 0.05)))

limit_order = client.preview_limit_order_gtc_buy(

The output is the following:

coinbase.RESTClient - ERROR - HTTP Error: 400 Client Error: Bad Request {"error":"INVALID_ARGUMENT","error_details":"account is not available","message":"account is not available"}

I’m experiencing the same issue. It’s frustrating to follow the basic steps in the samples and face unexplained errors.

I’ve been struggling the last 2 days with no luck. If you solve it, please let me know. I’ll do the same.

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I think I solved it, at least for me.

The issue was that I was trying to trade with pairs like “BTC-USD” or “ETH-USD”, while I must choose “BTC-USDC” or “ETH-USDC”.

Make a manual order and see the coin you are using. Use the same one.

Thanks @eklondrio. Lisa here from Advanced Trade API team. We appreciate you helping our developer community.

@iketheguy - let us know if you are still seeing “account not available” error at your end.

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@eklondrio, thank you for sharing the solution. I forgot to follow up with my first messages but yes that was the trick for me too.