Difference between 2 List Accounts endpoints in term of returning all coin balances

I’m trying to understand the different usages of 2 list accounts endpoint below:

  1. List accounts from Advanced Trade
  2. List accounts from Sign in with Coinbase

I have tested use a same API key, and the results are not matched. For 1 case, Advanced Trade’s endpoint returns more result. For another case, Sign in with Coinbase’s endpoint returns more result than Advanced trade’s one.

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IIRC 6 months ago, via (the) ccxt (library), v3 endpoints (Advanced Trade) returned account transaction history from activity done on the the Advanced Trade (front-end browser) interface, and v2 endpoints (now SWIC) returned account transaction history from vanilla Coinbase. Or maybe I have it backwards.

What you’re seeing might be a legacy of that.

Hopefully the devs will eventually merge the v2 and v3 endpoints / accounts / account history.

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I am experiencing the v2 Show endpoint errantly returning the object from the v3 Show endpoint, from comparing their sample responses. I need to create a separate thread for that, but just idly pointing out that there may already be testing along those lines.

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