GET List Accounts

Will the order of how the api returns the get list accounts ever be changed/ Was it ever changed on CBPro? I know this is still in beta but would rather not use a for loop. My use case: I am limiting it too just a token account and my cash account currently fyi.

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Hi @twiddledumb! The List Accounts endpoint will return a list of authenticated accounts for the current user under your account. In Coinbase Pro, the Get all accounts for a profile endpoint returns all trading accounts from the profile of the Coinbase API key and format of the response being returned by this endpoint has never been changed. In line with this, we would like to ask some questions to get a better understanding of your concern:

  • What kind of “order” are you referring to? Is it the format/arrangement of the response returned by the endpoint? If not, kindly clarify and specify the change that you wish to be implemented.
  • “I know this is still in beta but would rather not use a for loop.” As per this announcement, we would like to inform you that Advanced Trade is now LIVE. When you said you would rather not use a for loop, are you talking about the for loop conditional statement? If yes, then we would like to give a heads-up that we would not be able to provide assistance in writing code in specific languages and frameworks, If it is on the contrary, then kindly provide us clarification.
  • You said you were limiting it to your token account and cash account. Is this similar to a currency account (BTC Wallet, LTC Wallet, etc.) and a fiat account? If yes, then you may specify the accounts that you are only going to use when creating an API key in If no, then please elaborate.

We are looking forward for your response. Rest assured that once we have received the information requested above, we will work quickly to address your concerns. Thank you!


This is the get request I am referring to which I am assuming is the same request you are referring to on CBPro.

  1. The format/arrangement of the response returned by the endpoint is what I am referring to. Now knowing that on CBPro that the format/arrangement of the response has never changed I am assuming that this will also be applied for the Advance Trade API.

  2. Since the order of the list returned seems likely that it will not be changed (unless profiles are added to Advance Trade) that solves my question as I did not want to use a for loop to check what account value is paired to what token/currency account. By beta I meant the format of some stuff changes on the documentation for example the Advance Trade API guides.

  3. Will now refer to token as currency on the forums ie (BTC,LTC, etc) and cash as fiat.

Thank you for a quick and informative response. It solved my questions.

Side note: If profiles are ever added to advance trade can you make an announcement at least a couple of days beforehand and when implementation is happening so we all can make the necessary changes prior.

Hi @twiddledumb! Thank you for responding to us and we are glad to know that your concerns were already solved from the brief statements presented above.

With regard to profiles, please be assured that customers will be informed once the feature is available and related documentations will be released together. For the latest announcements, you may visit and subscribe to email updates.

If you have further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach back to us. Have a great day!