Advanced Trade API - deposits, withdrawals and other transfers?


when can we expect endpoints for deposits, withdrawals and other transfers?
how about conversions?

we cannot completely reconcile balances in external systems without these

thanks, Rares

Hi @rares.hadarean! Welcome to the Coinbase Cloud Developer’s Forum!

Based on your query, we are assuming that you are actually referring to the newly launched Advanced Trade in Public Beta. Before we answer your concern, we want to clear things up first. API keys created on Coinbase can be used in both Sign in with Coinbase and Advance Trade API. The main difference is that SIWC API is focused on account integration while Advance Trade API is for trading capabilities. Now, to answer your questions, please see below:

  1. “when can we expect endpoints for deposits, withdrawals and other transfers?” - It is called out in Advance Trade API documentation that if you want to use these Coinbase functionalities, you should use SIWC API endpoints. SIWC API endpoints:

Additionally, Coinbase Pro API users are strongly encouraged to start migrating their trading experience from Coinbase Pro API to Advanced Trade API to start getting all the new benefits today. Advanced Trade API will be replacing Coinbase Pro APIs in early 2023 once all API customers are migrated. You can check this link for a step by step guide on how to migrate funds from Coinbase Pro to Coinbase: Migrating from Pro

As also noted in this announcement, Advanced Trade users will now have access to staking, borrow, dapp wallet, and Coinbase Card using a single platform balance, but other features are still to be launched afterwards. Unfortunately, we currently do not have an ETA for this but we will post an announcement here in the Coinbase Cloud developer forum shall there be new updates.

We hope this helps. If you have further questions, feel free to ask them.


Thank you for the clarification! Sorry for not reading before asking.