[Coinbase Pay SDK] experience always defaults to "new_tab"

Hi, I’ve integrated Coinbase Pay SDK/Plugin according to: Integrating Coinbase Pay | Coinbase Cloud

You can find minimal example here (insert your own “appId” key): cbpay-simple - CodeSandbox

The library initializes but with following error:


It does not crash the widget but I guess thats the reason why experience is always opening in new tab. No popup or embedded option is considered. Also no “onSuccess”, “onExit” and “onEvent” callbacks will be called.

Im wondering, could that be related to “appId” being bound to specific domain only?

Can you assist?

Following the integration of Coinbase Pay, you can have more control over the implementation when opting for Generating a URL | Coinbase Cloud approach, where SDK generates proper URL and dapp decides how & where to trigger it.

Thats working fine as per minimal example here (insert your own “appId” key): cbpay-generate-url - CodeSandbox

However according to Generating a URL | Coinbase Cloud - with this approach no callbacks can be passed. How dapp is supposed to know that Coinbase experience has finished / succeeded / cancelled etc?

Can you advise?

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Hey @kk2, Thank you for showing interest in using Coinbase Pay SDKs.

appId is an Unique short-string ID provided to partners by the Coinbase Pay team. Please check out our developer documentation for additional information here: Getting Started | Coinbase Cloud

If you’re currently a Coinbase Pay customer, please reach out to your engagement manager for additional information.

Thank you!

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