Coinbase API going haywire right now

Are you guys having problems with Coinbase API sends? I am having a lot of duplicate sends and also the wrong currency is being sent in some case.
Also ETH sends seem not working at all.

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Hey, i have since yesterday evening also problems to send ltc with the coinbase api. With client.getAccount these infos are sent twice and it does not come to a dispatch of the money. Unfortunately, I have not yet found a solution and suspect in the meantime that it is the coinbase api because my server has sent payments reliably for months. Remains only to wait and hope that coinbase fixes this.


I’m experiencing very weird API behavior since yesterday as well. The issues I’ve noticed:

  • The endpoint GET returns an invalid JSON payload by duplicating the entire valid payload, so you get two identidical root objects
  • The POST endpoint returns a curl error 18: transfer closed with outstanding read data remaining, I suspect because Coinbase sends an invalid Content-Length header

Note that I’ve been using the Coinbase API for years in production, and I haven’t made any code changes or library updates recently, and I can reproduce the above errors in Postman as well. So I’m sure it’s the Coinbase API that is broken.

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I have the same issue with duplicated JSON payload, it seems like we have to wait for coinbase to fix the bug.

Same problem, waiting for it to be fixed

Hi folks,

Thank you for reporting these API errors to us, we are currently investigating this on our end, but at the moment we have been unable to reproduce any issues with calling the GET or POST


  • Would it be possible for you to open a support ticket with our team and provide the account_id you are experiencing this issue with, so we can further investigate this?
  • Can you also provide us with the parameters you’re utilizing with POST so we can try to reproduce this as closely as possible?
  • What is the CB-Version you are utilizing? The latest API version is 2022-05-07

I have a duplication problem on my API methods, /v2/accounts , /v2/user and others

It seems that there is no appropriate category to open a support ticket for API issues. Are you sure this is the correct channel to get this solved? No offense, but I’ve had a terrible experience with your support system before, they usually just close tickets after a few weeks, without ever responding.

Can I just provide the account ID here publicly, or is it in any way compromising?

I’m using the latest API version (2022-05-07).

Hi @zup0x - If you need to open a ticket for API issues you can select the “Coinbase Cloud” tile on our Contact Us page, that will provide dropdown options for our APIs and ensure your ticket is routed to the correct team.

At this point in time there is no need to open a new support case, as we have engaged with engineering teams and are investigating the reported issues with our v2/accounts endpoints. I’ll update this post once we have more information to share, thanks folks for your patience

Thanks, I’ve submitted a detailed report with the sample requests and responses. You can look at case# 12004207.

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Hey there,

I am having exactly the same issue.

Just a random thought, but could this be related to having two API keys associated with the account. I have two API keys activated to my account, and since I am receiving duplicated responses, could somehow Coinbase code be taking into consideration those two API keys and duplicating the response? Doesn’t make much sense to me, but you never know.

Also, where can I check this last CB-VERSION? I can’t seem to find any page with that date.

Best regards,

I just got a ticket update, saying that you give support only through the public API documentation and immediately closing the case without even giving me a chance to respond. All of this after asking for sensitive information as app code snippets.

What the hell is going on?

Hi @Ravers - that shouldn’t have happened, my apologies. Can you share your case number in this thread and will ensure it gets routed to the right team?

EDIT: Just to note folks - at this moment we have an active investigation ongoing into this from our engineering team, and will share an update in this thread once we know more

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Hey @Kevin.Dooley

Sure. The case number is Case #11999125

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Hey, i have already received a reply to my ticket, they know about the error and are working to fix everything as soon as possible. Now all that remains is to wait. Best Regards

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Hi folks,

Thanks all for your patience. We were eventually able to reproduce this error, and have rolled out a fix. Please let me know if anyone is still seeing malformed JSON response after making a GET or POST to our V2 API endpoints.

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Can confirm that it is working for me. Thank you @Kevin.Dooley and the Coinbase team.