Https:// It looks like we encountered a problem. Sorry for the trouble!

This is a continuation of this thread:

I have finally gotten around trying this with the latest API and I still seem to be encountering a problem here. I have followed the documentation exactly, copying/pasting/replacing key values and making a call with a developer access token with all permissions assigned:

 curl<account_id>/transactions -X POST -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -H 'Authorization: Bearer <bearer>' -d '{"type": "request", "to": "<email@address>", "amount": ".0001", "currency": "BTC" }'

This is what I get in return:

{"errors":[{"id":"service_unavailable","message":"It looks like we encountered a problem. Sorry for the trouble!"}]}

Thank you for any assistance/context/insight you can provide.

OK after further poking the above message appears to be related to how PowerShell was interpreting strings. I switched to CMD and got the following:

curl<account>/transactions -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" -H "Authorization: Bearer <token>" -d "{ \"type\": \"request\", \"to\": \"<email@address>\", \"amount\": \".0001\", \"currency\": \"BTC\" }"

Results in:

{"errors":[{"id":"invalid_request","message":"Missing parameter: `type`"}]}

This is the same error message as reported in 2019:


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Hello @Mike-E. We understand that you are receiving an error response. We are happy to help, but first we’ll need you to provide us with a screenshot (of your code and of the response) to demonstrate the problem you are encountering so that we can further assist you with the issue. Once you’ve provided us the information requested, we will get back to you as soon as we have an update. Thank you!

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Hi @LaRisa thank you for the quick response and on the weekend at that. As far as the code I am using goes, it is already contained above in my last message. I am using code as copy/pasted from your documentation link (under Example request), and pasting it into CMD (with values specific to my account, of course!).

Please let me know if I have misunderstood something here or if you still need a screenshot of the code (that I am using/copying/pasting from your documentation).

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Hi @Mike-E, we’ve already followed up with the engineering team regarding this bug you are experiencing with requesting money using our APIs. We’ll be sure to send you updates once they are available. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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Hi @bruuuh thank you for your reply. I understand that you sent the engineering team a ping with regards to the previous thread. Thank you for that. Now that I have had time to investigate this on my own end with the latest code/API/versions, I have a better context and understanding of the issue here.

It appears that the API simply does not work as designed as presented in your own documentation. This seems like a critical error/condition, and one that should be fixed immediately.

I can understand having a tricky issue or bug take some time and consideration, but that is not the case here. In this case, I am literally copy/pasting/replacing the curl call as provided from your documentation and it is failing with an obscure/unexpected message about the type parameter (which I am providing as directed by your own documentation).

If I myself had a published API that was exposed for customers to use, and if a customer reported a broken API implementation for my product, I can assure you it would be a priority-1 focus with updates given in hours and not in days, weeks, or a near month since having “officially” reported this issue here on this forum.

In that light, have you been able to discuss the critical nature of this broken API with your team to determine when this is going to be addressed within any sort of time frame?

Thank you for any further updates and assistance you can provide.

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Hi @bruuuh / @LaRisa I never did hear back so wanted to check-in with this issue. Any update here after 38 days of reporting this? Not counting the 3 or so years prior? :slight_smile:

how long ago was may 22 2022

To be sure, I am attempting to build application functionality around this feature at present and am blocked due to its completely broken and inoperable state.

Thank you for any update you can provide. :pray:

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Hi @Mike-E,

Thanks for following up. While this bug has been reported to our engineering team, unfortunately we don’t have an ETA for when this particular bug will be fixed. I know that this is frustrating and not the response you wanted to hear, but I wanted to set clear expectations on this issue.

While we don’t have an estimated time to resolution for the fix, we will respond on this thread when there is an update.


Hi @Kevin.Dooley thank you very much for taking the time to update here. I am sure you can understand waiting around nearly three years for a definitive response from your organization and how that can impact one’s view of your brand. I have indeed tried to be patient here on these forums which have been really great and responsive. However, I hope you can understand my pensive pings when weeks go by without an update. Chalk it up to trauma to endured in your GitHub thread without a response. :wink:

In any case, I again appreciate you taking the time to relay the news, even if it isn’t what is desired. :pray:

BTW, I am also not the only one that was inquiring about this issue and I can see that there is already at least one other thread that has encountered it:

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A quick note here that I was able to make the wallet:transaction:send scope work as described in this thread:

It’s a little more work, but it gets me unblocked from having to depend on the Request Money feature. Interestingly enough I did try the wallet:transaction:send approach first many moons ago before careening into request money, but didn’t understand the workflow which made think it was broken (too).

Now that I have a better understanding (thanks to this forum :)) I was able to get it working and have a workflow in place to make it viable.

So, I no longer need this feature, but would very much like to see it fixed, if not for the sole reason of developer pride. :grin:

Thank you again for all your effort out there and for dealing with runts such as myself that double as a thorn in your side from time to time. :pray: