[Bug Report] The Coinbase API is returning invalid JSON since yesterday

I’m experiencing very weird API behavior since yesterday. The issues I’ve noticed:

  • The endpoint GET https://api.coinbase.com/v2/accounts/:account_id returns an invalid JSON payload by duplicating the entire valid payload, so you get two identical root objects
  • The endpoint POST https://api.coinbase.com/v2/accounts/:account_id/transactions results in a curl error 18: transfer closed with outstanding read data remaining, I suspect because Coinbase sends an invalid Content-Length header

Note that I’ve been using the Coinbase API for years in production, and I haven’t made any code changes or library updates recently, and I can reproduce the above issues in Postman as well. So I’m sure it’s the Coinbase API that is broken.


Also faced the same problem. This happens with many API methods

I am also facing the same issue since yesterday. I cannot send any coins using api. Waiting for the FIX by Coinbase

Hi folks!

Thanks all for your patience. We were eventually able to reproduce this error, and have rolled out a fix. Please let us know if anyone is still seeing a malformed JSON response after making a GET or POST to our V2 API endpoints.