Actual fees don't match fee tier level

I’m trying to understand how fees on trades are calculated, as the actual fees charged seem to diverge from the stated fee tiers. They always seem to be approximately 10% higher than the stated fees.

I’m currently in Advanced 6 and should expect fees of 0.07% / 0.16% maker / taker.

Here’s a maker fill:

0.233002 / 302.6 = 0.077% instead of 0.07%

And here’s a taker fill:

0.532928 / 302.8 = 0.176% instead of 0.16%.

In both cases, actual fees are 10% higher than stated fees.


Is there any way to get the actual fees BEFORE the trade?

Did you receive an answer to this question?

Also are the fees the same when buying BTC for example with a bank account (USD)?

What would be the fee for example when using 50000 USD in a bank account and placing a limit order (I believe that would qualify as a MAKER) and would be level 4 at 0.15% MAKER

Would the fee be $75 USD?

Also if a person is using their own wallet OR coinbase wallet? What are the fees for that?

Who is paying the BTC mining fees etc. And what would they be (approximately)?

This entire process is not user friendly. :expressionless: