30s wait time for MPC transaction?

A typical MPC transaction takes ~30 seconds end-to-end to be broadcast on-chain, from the time the CreateMPCTransaction request is received.

What’s the reason that it takes 30 seconds for an MPC transaction to complete? Is it because of the complexity of the MPC protocol? Or something else?

Hi @mti, Welcome to the forum Community!

To answer your query - Most of that time buffer is to account for the network related latency associated with the transaction being confirmed in a block.

We hope this explains. Thank you!

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Thanks for clarifying. I think you could add this information to the website. At the moment, it looks a bit like the MPC protocol is rather slow.

Also: doesn’t the block time also depend on the target blockchain? Base should be much faster then? Maybe you could separately state the time it requires for the signing protocol to complete?

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