Ws-feed disconnecting without error

Is there a limit to the amount of websocket connections you can have per IP? Similarly, are there data volume restrictions on data from exchange to client? I am trying to subscribe to matches and ticker data for all tradable instruments and I create a separate connection per instrument. The subscriptions are all successful and then I get kicked without error. There is no ping that I have not responded to or anything like that. Assuming I am going over some rate limit not documented.

From documentation:

connections are rate-limited at 750 per second per IP address

Do you use heartbeats channel?

Anyway I guess you can just automatically reconnect if there is no error message?

I’d rather figure out why I am kicked and avoid it. Concern would be IP ban. I have figured out you need heartbeat channel to keep a subscription alive but then if you subscribe to heartbeats which are every second for all instruments you will hit the rate limits per IP

Connection 1, BTC-USD: heartbeats, level2, market_trades
Connection 2, ETH-USD: heartbeats, level2, market_trades

As long as you are not creating more then 750 connections per second per IP you should be good, at least according to documentation.

EDIT: Sorry, forget what I said. It was about Advanced Trade! Exchange has different limits: