Why does the API key/Secret not show all transactions?

Hello all,

So I’m using the sign in with coinbase API to get a list of transactions for my personal account. I’m aware I can download a csv, but I want to assemble the aggregate data including deposits and withdrawals, which the csv doesn’t seem to do.

Using the python library, I try to get transactions across all my accounts. Using the python code and checking via the data returned via requests, I’m missing a lot of transactions.

175 transactions via python code vs 415 returned by csv, and 445 as listed on Koinly.

I am looping through all accounts via this endpoint:

/v2/accounts to get accounts, and then inputting each account into /v2/accounts/:account_id/transactions

but again, I’m only getting 175 transactions and I’m not sure why.

Any help would be appreciated.