What is wrong with my market request

I am trying to get the create orders to work, and have the following requests to:




What is wrong here? I noticed I have the same format posted here, which seems to work for others:

I am doing a conversion fetching the product, getting the base to quote ratio, and converting to the base amount. I don’t think that’s what is wrong as it’s a market order, but I get no errors back. No failure reason, no anything.

I get a 200 status code.

I figured it out, there is a “base_increment” property in the product, such as “0.001” and my decimal cannot have more precision than that. For example, if I have a base size of “61.72839506172839” as mentioned above, and the base increment is “0.01”, then I need to enter “61.73” or it fails.

One other gotcha, there is also a “base_min_size” and “base_max_size”. As they sound, if the actual amount if not the range of these two numbers, the order fails. For example, if I tried to buy 0.001 USD worth of LTC, with current prices today the conversion will to the base currency of LTC will be under that amount.

You can do this all programmatically as it’s provided to you here if you get the product:

Don’t rely on the Coinbase errors to tell you this. It’s broken. Basic error checking validation on an API is clearly lacking here for this to be professional I’m sorry to say. They clearly have an error as the request fails, and respond with a 200. If they have the error, they should be able to send it back in a request.

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Hi @AdamAvix! Thank you for using Coinbase Advanced trading API. We really appreciate you for sharing this with us. We are taking this as a feedback and will try our best to get this added on the documentation. While we can not promise an ETA, we will share this with our internal team to work on. Again thank you, because these feedbacks help to improve our APIs and the documentation. Please keep sharing any such feedbacks in the future too.