Base size too small

I have initially tried to place orders using the /orders endpoints with the following payload:

      order_params = {
        "client_order_id": uuid,
        "product_id": product_id,
        "side": "SELL",
              "base_size": size
        "retail_portfolio_id": portfolio_id

But I get stuck through a “Base size too small error” whereas the size passed is the exact amount of my current LRC portfolio.
It seems that It’s not possible to empty the remaining decimals of this portfolio …

Then I found the same issue here :

With this workaround:

limit_limit_gtc: {
  base_size: base_size,
  limit_price:(currentPrice * 10).toString(),

Although this workaround looks totally absurd in a sense we SHOULD NOT HAVE to do such a thing… Let’s say we have no choice and try to implement it:

limit_limit_gtc: {
  base_size: base_size,
  limit_price:(currentPrice / 10).toString(),

It changes the price increment, and I now got an error of Price increment too small…

So I tried to divide by 3 instead, and then I got the initial error.

Does this workaround only works with 10? Is there any magic number to use??

limit_limit_gtc: {
base_size: base_size,
limit_price:(currentPrice/ 3).toString(),

What’s going on with this endpoint?

How is it possible to retain such a small amount of my portfolio that I can do nothing with it… I need to empty it by selling all, or buying all with available amount.

Considering I’m not the only one to trade using the API, how many people have crypto decimals stuck in their portfolio?

I’m wondering if these amount still already exists in my portfolio or if there are just stuck forever and used by the platform for “who knows” purposes…

Come on it’s real money!

Is there any new fix for this ?

If not it will be really appreciate to just do it instead of just considering it.

Hi @NutCracker0! Thank you for sharing your feedback regarding this. we have raised this issue with our engineering team! They are looking into it. Please allow us some time and we will share an update as soon as possible. Keep in touch.