So many problems with API and documentation

I procrastinated migration, expecting it to be doable in a day.

I hope they aren’t actually going to shut down the current API in a few hours. The new one is hot garbage, and the documentation for it is even worse (and that’s ignoring the typos).

Things that are poorly documented, or just not working:

  • How to create an API key exclusively for using public endpoints
  • Getting the order book (I’m sure many of you have been seeing some of these 'error_details': 'valid product_id is required')
  • Arguments that just don’t seem to be well received on the backend (anybody else see one of these? ‘error_details’: 'granularity argument is invalid ). Doesn’t matter if you copy and paste directly from their awkward enum list in the docs.

Coinbase, why are you forcing all of your highest value users to do a bunch of work to continue giving you money? At this point, I might as well go to Kraken. Coinbase has annoyed me in the past, as any exchange likely would, but at least they didn’t force me to do work to continue to give them money. My laziness kept me as their customer. Somebody is making some really dumb decisions over there /endrant.

Out of curiosity… Did you also receive email that your Pro account will be force migrated to Advanced Trade?

Their introduction page says:

Coinbase Advanced Trade replaces and improves upon Coinbase Pro.

I challenge Coinbase to name at least few improvements because I see none.

New API does not provide equivalent functionality although they told here that Pro APIs will not be sunseted while equivalent APIs are not available. Also got similar response for bugs/problems I reported…


Yep, same deal. I talked to support and it seems like they are not so bold as to completely shut off the existing product today.

That was just somebody’s unprofessional way of trying to get people to transfer on their own. At least according to the support person I spoke with.

But yeah, it seems like all the improvements they claim are the types of things that benefit less technical, probably lower volume users. Especially things like staking services, at the expense of actual API functionality.

My understanding is that they are just stopping transfers into Coinbase Pro today. So that will slowly force people to migrate.

Over night my account has been force migrated…

That’s very unfortunate to hear, sorry. What’s the deal, Coinbase?

Communication from Coinbase was very poor on the forced migration and they didn’t keep their word on not terminating Pro until we have parity. From an algo trader standpoint, the new Advanced Trade/API offers me no value over Pro; actually it is worse…

I got an email from Coinbase on Nov 2 that migration happens on Dec 1.
Another email on Nov 14 said the migration is actually Nov 20.
I had to scramble last minute to make necessary code changes and workarounds.
I guess Coinbase gave me :fu: said take it or leave it, even though I have been paying you tens of thousands of dollars a year in fees! :hot_face:

Coinbase Support in general is not the best in the industry.
I also have a Kraken account and my experience with them is 10x better.


In my experience, maybe because I’ve generated a lot of volume, the support people have been pretty competent. The problem is the management and the company’s direction. This is just such a terrible decision. They say they are listening to user feedback, but who is asking for them to shut down Coinbase Pro? They are forcing their highest volume users to do work to continue using their products (and inferior products at that), so they’ve effectively eliminated the barrier to leaving to a different exchange.

My account has also been migrated now. As of now, the Pro API still works. If that gets shut down without feature parity, I migrate off of Coinbase.

I also procrastinated making any changes because I believed it would be as simple as updating the API keys. I was force migrated and my bot is completely broken. I have over 16 hours going through it line by line so far and I’ve got a long way to go (programming is a hobby for me, not a career.)

Anyway, have you guys run into issues with GetMarketTrades? Even if I copy-paste the code generated on the API Reference webpage I get an error.

If I remove “?limit=10” it runs but returns a mile long list of trades. I guess I can use this, but what’s the best way to get ticker info right now?

What error are you getting? I guess you also include query params in signature generation? You should not do that, check previous topics and this documentation:

I’m getting code 401. This is probably just me not understanding how to build the url correctly. The request returns 200 without the query param and 401 with. The documentation shows that I can specify the number of trades to return by appending “?limit=” at the end of the url. The documentation also shows that ‘limit’ is a required parameter, but it is not.

As I understand query params, I’m not using any in signature generation. I’m reading more about them now.

This suggest that you are likely including params in signature generation! Path that is used in signature generation should be /api/v3/brokerage/products/BTC-USD/ticker and not /api/v3/brokerage/products/BTC-USD/ticker?limit=10!

If possible I would suggest to post relevant code parts if you are unable to spot mistake yourself.

Oh! You are correct. I was in fact sending the full url into the signature. ChatGPT built much of the authentication routine and I wasn’t completely aware of what it was doing.

I read the page you linked before but missed this due to information overload. Reading through it again, it makes perfect sense. Thanks!

I’ve found few issues, but for the most part seems to be working well enough for my trade GUI’s (hate manually placing orders on any of their interfaces) / simple bot based on custom set thresholds… Working on finishing up my last few bugs. If anyone needs a hand with python implementation feel free to reach out to me.

This “Advanced” API is awful. The ticker feed is constantly closing the connection, so I miss out on trades. Can’t get fills by order number because it comes up with not authorised. I’ve had to strip my program right down so it assumes when a certain price is reached the trade has gone through.
No sandbox either, not that the one on Pro was anything to write home about.

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