List Products count not equal to Level2 Snapshot count

I am trying to build some queuing to handle the vast amounts of level2 data coming from that channel. I’d like to know when I have collected all available product snapshot messages before I need to process update messages from the level2 channel. I thought I’d be able to get an accurate anticipated snapshot count by counting the returned products from the List Products endpoint but this is not the case. I can account for the aliased products but there seems to be one or two other products that aren’t listed as disabled, still show up in List Products, but never as a level2 snapshot or update… any explanation here would be greatly appreciated.

Hey @ptavares! Thank you for using Advanced trade API. We are looking into it. Please allow us some time and we will get back to you with an update.

Hi @peterkester96! Thank you for your patience. For our teams to look further into it, can you please share a few examples. Screenshots would work too. Along with the responses that you are getting. Looking forward to your reply.

Hello @Loop_11 . Apologies for the delayed response… it has been a busy week. Here are some screenshots from some code I wrote to show the differences between level2 and listProducts API results.

Would also be helpful to know the answer to this post: "anycoin-USDC" returns "anycoin-USD" - #2 by Anushree as I am having to write code to account for only ANYCOIN-USD without an ANYCOIND-USDC counterpart in the level2 channel feed.

@Loop_11 any updates here?