List Products count not equal to Level2 Snapshot count

I am trying to build some queuing to handle the vast amounts of level2 data coming from that channel. I’d like to know when I have collected all available product snapshot messages before I need to process update messages from the level2 channel. I thought I’d be able to get an accurate anticipated snapshot count by counting the returned products from the List Products endpoint but this is not the case. I can account for the aliased products but there seems to be one or two other products that aren’t listed as disabled, still show up in List Products, but never as a level2 snapshot or update… any explanation here would be greatly appreciated.

Hey @ptavares! Thank you for using Advanced trade API. We are looking into it. Please allow us some time and we will get back to you with an update.

Hi @peterkester96! Thank you for your patience. For our teams to look further into it, can you please share a few examples. Screenshots would work too. Along with the responses that you are getting. Looking forward to your reply.

Hello @Loop_11 . Apologies for the delayed response… it has been a busy week. Here are some screenshots from some code I wrote to show the differences between level2 and listProducts API results.

Would also be helpful to know the answer to this post: "anycoin-USDC" returns "anycoin-USD" - #2 by Anushree as I am having to write code to account for only ANYCOIN-USD without an ANYCOIND-USDC counterpart in the level2 channel feed.

@Loop_11 any updates here?

@Loop_11 any updates here? It’s been quite some time since I provided the requested info.

@Loop_11 any updates here? Are you the only Coinbase support person monitoring these forums? (It sure feels like it).

Hey @ptavares! Sincere apologies for the delay in response.

The error that you are getting could be due to several reasons:

  1. Some products might have been removed or disabled after the last update, but the snapshot still contains the old data. I asked about this to the team too, they are yet to answer.
  2. There might be a delay in updating the “Level2” channel data, causing the count to be out of sync with the “List Products” endpoint.
  3. There could be a bug or an issue with the API that is causing the discrepancy.

For now may be you can use the following ways to resolve this issue:

  1. Monitor the “Level2” channel for updates and process them as they arrive. If the issue is related to a delay in updating the “Level2” channel data, processing the updates as they arrive might resolve the issue.

Remember to handle the vast amounts of “Level2” data coming from the channel using a queuing system or a message processing library to avoid losing any messages due to resource limitations.

Hope this helps.